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Our Mission


Majestic Athletics Cheer (MAC) has been established by a group of families devoted to the sport of cheerleading. We aim to create an environment for the community that enhances character, independence and social interactions in which each athlete can grow and learn through competitive cheerleading, recreational activities and community events.


The staff and board of directors strive to help each athlete achieve their greatest potential by promoting and encouraging our young athletes in values of teamwork, confidence, respect, responsibility and sportsmanship through the sport of cheerleading.


Majestic Cheerleading Program


Majestic Athletics Cheer is a non for profit sports club, focused on recreational, competition cheer and community outreach. Serving and representing the community of Chatham-Kent for children as young as 5, up to adults. Our organization is run by volunteer parents, coaches and junior coaches. 




having or showing impressive beauty or dignity.


Majestic creatures are beautiful, graceful, and all-around magical!


  • Black

  • Gold

  • Flame


Symbol: Wings


Phrase: Wings were made to fly!


Competitive and Recreational Cheerleading


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