Stephanie Allen

Head Coach, Board of Directors

Stephanie is the driving force and energy behind our team. She has been dedicated to coaching for over 14 years in levels 1 to 4. Stephanie has also been a coach for recreational and competitive gymnastics for 6 years.​

Stephanie is certified by:

  • The International Cheer Union  Black Medallion for the levels of Novice, Intermediate and Median in both categories of Stunt and Tumble.

  • USAF (U.S. All-Star Federation) Levels 1-4 Stunting and Tumbling.

  • NCCP(National Coaches Certification Program) Fully Certified Level 1 Gymnastics Foundations, Artistic and Theory.

  • NCCP Competition Introduction (Level 2) in Gymnastics Foundations, Artistic and Theory.


Stephanie also has her first aid/CPR, and 18 years of medical experience.

Ashley Wielhouwer

Board of Directors, C.I.T.


Though cheerleading, I have learned more about myself. I have learned confidence, responsibly and team work. This is what I want to do through volunteering with Majestic Cheer. I want to help young, old and everyone in between see their own potential. With hard work and teamwork, your dreams can fly majestically into whatever comes next.

Alexis White
Level 1 Coach

Alexis is one of are youngest coaches at age 16, she has been coaching cheerleading for 1 year while competitive cheerleading for more then 2.

Alexis is very creative and loves working children of all ages, she enjoys seeing children grow and reach there full potential. Alexis is also working on getting her gymnastics certification in  level 1 and 2, planning to grow her experience as a coach and continue to teach children who love the sport just as much as she does.